The Apprentice’s HR candidate Paula Jones fired over costs blunder

HR consultant Paula Jones became the latest person to be fired on The Apprentice last night after failing to keep an eye on the bottom line as team leader.

Jones and her team did well in most respects, outperforming the competition in this week’s task – making and selling toiletries – but became embroiled in error confusing sandalwood with cedarwood, the former costing some £700 compared to the latter’s £5.

Sir Alan Sugar criticised Jones for delegating costing and questioned why as an HR manager she should not be involved in costs. “You know how to work out redundancy on a calculator, don’t you?” said Sir Alan.

Watch edited highlights of Jones being fired below.

Professor Binna Kandola of Pearn Kandola, who is following the show on the HR Space blog, The Apprentice Analysed, believed Jones did the profession a disservice, “confirming every stereotype people have about HR”.

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