The Coaching Manual by Julie Starr

Coaching is big business, but we all do it – whether it is managing someone in the workplace, a formal training situation or listening to a friend’s troubles over a beer. In its simplest form, coaching is just a conversation between two people, with one benefiting from the exchange.

The Coaching Manual
By Julie Starr
Publisher: Prentice Hall Business
Pages: 256, Price: £16.99, ISBN: 0-273-66193-0 Reviewed by Alison J Norris
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Do it properly, and personal coaching can be wonderfully rewarding. The Coaching Manual shows us how, giving practical advice on ways to improve our general standards of coaching, whether our coaching conversations are planned or not.

The book explains the principles and approaches of personal coaching and shows how to apply them in any coaching situation – from business coaching for performance, to life coaching. It offers new insights and fresh ideas to the established coach and an easy to follow step-by-step approach for the beginner. It is a useful guide for anyone looking to be coached, offering a good outline of the coaching practices that will support you as a client.

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Alison J Norris is the HR manager, learning and development, Black Country Mental Health NHS Trust

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