This week’s training news

Racism limits prospects

Racism in the UK’s workplaces is damaging the career prospects of many black workers because at every level of working life they get fewer training opportunities, according to a TUC report. Workplace Training – A Race for Opportunity, reveals that certain ethnic groups, in particular Pakistani and Bangladeshi employees, face real barriers to training opportunities.

Promoting learning

Education provider Roffey Park has launched a free guide – Designing and Facilitating Learning – which shows how to identify and meet learning needs, how to create learning interventions which respond to cultural issues and learning styles, how to facilitate training schemes, the potential pitfalls of facilitation and how to transfer the learning back to the workplace.

More cash for IT training

IT departments increased their investment in staff training in 2004, a survey by IT skills research specialist Pardo Fox has revealed. Spending on IT training rose by 7% last year, marking the end of three years of stagnation. The upturn has been driven by renewed demand from employers for trained project and service managers.

BMA calls for action

The British Medical Association (BMA) has called for international action on the brain drain of skilled healthcare workers from countries in the developing world. Speaking at a summit that aims to agree an international policy statement on health worker migration, James Johnson, chairman of the BMA, said the situation was “one of the most serious global problems of today”.

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