TMI caters for High-speed learning

Consultants and training solution provider TMI has introduced a new method
of course delivery designed to develop the skills of those who are short of

"TAKE90 is a new learning concept which came directly from talking to
the people we work with and understanding their needs," says Susanna
Mitterer, director of sales. "Few employees can afford time away on long
training courses so we created sessions which would break down complex issues
into bite-sized chunks."

As the name suggests TAKE90 sessions last 90 minutes and Mitterer claims
they can deliver more than 60 topics anywhere in the UK at any time."

The roster of topics is growing at a rate of around two per week and each
falls into one of nine categories – interpersonal skills, innovation, 21st
Century working, customer service, time management, personal development,
management and business skills.

During one session led by TAKE90 programme director Claire Straddling,
delegates were given an insight into improving their creative thinking.

The session included sufficient content to inspire and interest participants
despite its brevity, consisting of a clear structure, practical exercises, a
brief and a handout which could be filed away for personal reference.

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