Together we can improve standards

As more companies call on the services of occupational health nurses, demand
for education at various levels will increase.

Nurse educators should aim to raise the profile of education in the sector
and enhance the quality of student learning.

Another growing role is working with and providing critical comment on
government and national policies which affect OH education.

The Association of Occupational Health Nurse Educators (UK) exists for a
number of reasons: as a forum to support and coordinate discussion, development
and networking; to formu- late and maintain an up-to-date database of nursing
education courses and providers; and to provide information and support for
providers of occupational health nursing education.

It is also there to encourage links between educators and OH nurse
employers, and to provide learning opportunities and an environment to prepare
competent OHN practitioners.

We aim to take the initiative in working with all multidisciplinary and
multi-agency teams, to disseminate and exchange good practice in OH and safety.

All nurse educators who are involved in full- or part-time OHN education can
use the association as a support network as well as a forum.

In order for AOHNE to make a positive contribution to future developments in
standards in OH education, many of us have actively contributed to the
Government’s public health agenda1.

Also, occupational health nurse educators should be sensitive to our market
requirements by working proactively with stakeholders to ensure the education
of OH nurses is progressive, effective and efficient.

We must, I believe, continue to offer a full range of OH nursing courses
from the traditional course to those at degree level.

In order to share good practice the AOHNE has started to communicate via our
own occupational health website.

And we have been increasing contacts with our international colleagues via
the OH web2; which also lists all providers of OHN education. I invite all
occupational health practioners to work with us to promote and improve the
health and safety of people at work.


1 DOH,1999, OHN: Making a difference in the workplace


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