week’s training news

car thieves on the road to a career

has joined forces with Glasgow City Council and two charities in a £160,000
initiative to tackle car crime and provide jobs for teenage car thieves. Under the
initiative, 14- to 25-year-olds will train as mechanics at a garage in the
Parkhead area of Glasgow.  Kwik-Fit will
provide up to six, six-month training posts with the possibility of a full-time
job to those who successfully complete the training course.

invested in training in the workplace

Government is ploughing £11m into union learning projects over the next four
years.  Lifelong learning minister
Malcolm Wicks said representatives had proved to be effective at encouraging
training in the workplace, particularly among workers with the lowest levels of

staff learn Japanese secrets

is meeting West at a manufacturing plant in Newton Aycliffe where 70 shopfloor
staff at Tallent Engineering are learning the secrets of Japanese working
practices. Using workbooks and on-line materials, workers will become
knowledgeable about Japanese working practices such as Kaizen, Poka Yoke and
5S. These address issues such as workshop management, team working and health
and safety. Training is being provided by Assa, a training company aimed at the
manufacturing sector.

for black workers on the right Path

Singh, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, has welcomed a new
report on Path schemes to train black workers for management positions in
social housing. Research found that the majority of respondents had stayed in
employment since leaving Path. But respondents identified racial discrimination
as the main barrier to their career development. This took the form of
isolation at work and a “glass ceiling” to promotion prospects.

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