Training and development top tools for keeping staff happy

tackle staff retention problems in a variety of ways, but training and
development has emerged as the main method for keeping staff happy.

by Industrial Relations Services shows that many employers use measures such as
increased pay and benefits and job coaching to increase staff loyalty. However,
training and development is the most popular method of tackling retention
problems, with 73 per cent of firms using this as a means of retention.

survey, based on the responses of 90 employers in the UK, shows that retention
is linked to corporate image. Just over half of employers make a deliberate
effort to project the image of being a good employer, while more than 40 per
cent of employers per cent use flexible working to help retain staff and 37 per
cent have improved their family friendly policies.

third of companies are increasing promotion opportunities and 15 per cent are
offering career management services to retain staff. A quarter of employers
have redesigned jobs in an effort to make them more appealing to staff.

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