Training initiative overcomes staff technology fears

initiative by Post Office Counters to train 65,000 people so they can carry out
on-line transactions will be completed by Spring 2001, claims Knowledgepool,
the training provider.

retail arm of the Post Office joined forces with Knowledgepool in 1997 to
provide IT training for thousands of workers across the UK.

Craik, head of implementation for Post Office Counters, admitted that the
company had to overcome technology hurdles during the scheme.

was a fair amount of fear of technology to overcome so we set up a series of
special training events to address those fears.

all about improving the capability of the post office network.  The new systems will be able to do on-line
credit card transactions and will provide more value to the customer.”

key driver for this initiative was that pensions and government payments will
only be available through an automated network by 2003.”

government payments accounts for 30 per cent of the retail arm’s profits.


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