Transsexual wins sex discrimination case against airline

A transsexual airline worker who was forced from her job by managers who were unhappy with her appearance won her claim of sexual discrimination yesterday.

Marlene Davidson who was formerly called Malcolm, worked for airline Flybe for four years without incident, but after beginning a sex-change procedure she was mocked, bullied and told to use disabled lavatories, the Exeter tribunal heard.

Davidson was overlooked for promotion five times. She resigned in 2003, complaining that she had been forced out by discrimination.

She won her case and has been awarded an undisclosed amount of damages, thought to be about £25,000, according to The Times.

John Hollow, the tribunal chairman, criticised Flybe for failing to give her enough support.

The Times reported that Don Darby, Flybe’s personnel manager, said he had been “dumbfounded” to learn that Davidson was undergoing a sex change.

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