Tribunal watch: £64,000 for Bromley Council staff paid to sign away collective agreement terms

An employment tribunal has ordered the London Borough of Bromley to pay more than £64,000 to 18 employees offered cash incentives to sign away terms in their inclusion in collective bargaining agreements. Stephen Simpson rounds up this and other employment tribunal rulings reported the previous week.

Tribunal orders council to compensate workers offered cash to sign away rights In Budgen and others v London Borough of Bromley, Bromley Council was ordered to pay more than £64,000 in compensation to 18 of its staff after an employment tribunal ruled it had offered employees cash incentives to sign new contracts that took them out of existing collective bargaining agreements.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

Police officer in Met race and sex discrimination case hoping to be awarded £50,000 compensation A black female police officer who was discriminated against because of her race and sex is hoping to claim nearly £50,000 in damages, a compensation hearing reported by the Guardian heard.

Bus driver wins £10,000 payout after being sacked during sick leave A coach driver won a £10,000 payout after complaining he was unfairly sacked while on sick leave with arthritis and diabetes, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Bakery payout over pregnant worker A bakery has been ordered to pay more than £23,000 to a former worker after an employment tribunal found she had been sacked for becoming pregnant, says the Belfast Telegraph.

Barratts staff to receive pay-outs of up to £4,000 as firm fails to follow redundancy procedure A union has welcomed the payout of former staff from a Bradford-based shoe company following an employment tribunal, according to the Telegraph and Argus.

Bus driver unfairly dismissed after photography row A bus driver who was sacked after he objected to someone taking photographs of his vehicle was unfairly dismissed, highlights the Amateur Photographer.

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