Tube boss secures bonus despite failing on customer service

boss of London Underground has received a £17,000 bonus despite failing to
improve the level of service provided to customers last year.

Smith, London Underground’s chairman, pocketed a total of £229,000 last year
including the bonus, according to the firm’s annual report.

Underground told Personnel Today, “The payment is related to the previous year,
not this year’s performance. The chairman chose to take half the bonus pay to
which he is entitled.”

report revealed that tube management had failed to deliver on seven objectives
set by the government for cleanliness of trains and stations, information for
passengers, staff helpfulness and punctuality.

Underground admitted that it had failed to meet targets but reiterated its
commitment to safety.

number of measures have been implemented, including increased training of
staff, improved signs to make passengers aware of safety issues and better
siting of signals,” said a London Underground spokesperson.

Karen Higginbottom

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