Tube driver wins appeal against gross misconduct

‘victimised’ London Underground (LUL) driver has been re-instated to driving
duties after winning an appeal against gross misconduct.

Watson has been re-instated to his job as a London Underground driver after
winning an appeal against demotion to station assistant and a reduction in
salary of £10,000.

a long-standing union rep and a member of the TUC’s Race Relations Committee,
had been charged with gross misconduct for allegedly ‘overcarrying’ a cleaner
on his train into a siding and then leading him to safety over live wires.

was clear that Glenroy had been singled out for his union activities,"
said RMT general secretary Bob Crow, who represented Glenroy at his appeal.

were able to show that others found guilty of the same offence have never faced
such drastic disciplinary action, yet LUL had failed to prove that Glenroy was
guilty at all."

By Michael Millar

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