TUC in talks with shadow cabinet on pensions crisis

leaders met with members of the shadow cabinet to discuss concerns over the
threat to final salary pension schemes.

to website Ananova, union representatives described the meeting as
"courteous and useful".

breakfast meeting at the TUC headquarters in London was between TUC general
secretary John Monks, shadow chancellor Michael Howard and shadow pensions
secretary David Willets.

reported Monks said he welcomed the chance to put the TUC’s views to the

all issues, pensions policy decisions can affect people for years to come and
the TUC will take every opportunity to put our case for quality pensions,"
Monks said.

TUC is concerned that responsibility for pensions is being transferred from the
state and employers to individual workers, who will not make sufficient savings
for their retirement. Employers should be made to contribute to a quality
pension for their staff, Monks said.

accused ministers of ignoring the "crisis" facing funded pensions,
which has been highlighted after a number of high-profile companies announced
the closure of final salary schemes.

By Quentin Reade

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