TUC launches workplace guide on domestic violence

TUC has published a new guide to help unions and employers develop ways of
assisting the victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence: A guide for the workplace, the TUC says most workplaces
employ someone who is or has been on the receiving end of violence from an
abusive partner.

from the 2001 British Crime Survey show that 20 per cent of all violent crimes
reported last year were of a domestic nature, and that women assaulted by their
partners are likely to be attacked and abused repeatedly.

TUC said while employers have no legal obligation to act over domestic
violence, the existence of a sensible policy is a goal towards which all
workplaces should be working.

General Secretary John Monks said: "Domestic violence is sadly more common
than most of us realise. A carefully drawn-up policy can make all the
difference. It not only reassures victims that help is at hand, it also enables
employers to tackle a delicate problem which can have a damaging effect on
business and employee morale."

for Women, Barbara Roche MP said: "Two women a week die because of
domestic violence. We know that the workplace can be a place of safety for
women, and that they will often confide in their colleagues about their
experiences. It is also a place where others notice what is going on, and help
women to access the support they can so desperately need."


By Quentin Reade

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