TUC president awarded more than £250,000 for voluntary redundancy

Lyons, the president of the TUC, is to get more than £250,000 to leave his
union early.

joint general secretary of Amicus, Lyons will leave the union this week with a
severance packet worth three years’ pay and a pension of two-thirds of his

payment is in accordance with the union’s voluntary redundancy terms of four
weeks’ pay for every year of service.

Lyons is a staunch Blairite, Derek Simpson, general secretary of Amicus, has
called on Blair to resign.

said the Government’s policies were failing the workers in the UK and could
lead to electoral defeat for Labour.

TUC has campaigned vigorously against high executive remuneration, and Lyons
recently warned against the UK becoming "a nation of hairdressers and fat cats,
with nothing in between".

By Michael Millar

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