TUC reports smoking ban would boost bar trade

bans in pubs and cafes would protect the health of thousands of UK hospitality
workers and would not have a negative effect on the trade of bars, clubs and

claims the TUC’s magazine, Hazards, following new analysis of 97 smoking
studies carried out in eight countries. The magazine claims the research
disproves studies funded by the tobacco industry, which say the hospitality
business would lose custom if any bans were introduced.

to the Hazards research, establishments that already operate a no-smoking
policy actually benefit from the move – a study by Newcastle University found
that a quarter of businesses surveyed reported a boost in trade.

O’Neill, the magazine’s editor, said other businesses should follow suit. “Big
Tobacco has spent big money to prevent UK workplaces going smoking free. The
hospitality industry has a clear choice – accept the law now, or accept the
inevitable slew of costly compensation cases from workers suffering obstructive
airways disease and cancer caused by the bar room fug," he said.

Roisin Woolnough

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