Two-thirds of workers would switch sectors for the right job

two-thirds of workers would consider moving sectors for the right career
opportunity, according to research.

survey, conducted by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, asked almost 4,000
people globally if they would move sectors.

19 per cent said they wanted to stay in the same sector, while 17 per cent
actively want to move sectors. Two-thirds (64 per cent) said they would
consider changing sector should the right opportunity come up.

same pattern was followed throughout all 13 countries polled, with a marginally
higher percentage of respondents in South Africa actively wanting to move
sectors (27 per cent).

Chancellor, director of Robert Walters’ commerce division said: “I think that
this is typical of the current feeling in the market. People are tired of their
current environment and a move to a different sector always provides a chance
to widen their experience and gain a more rounded career, which in the long
term should be helpful.

market still lacks confidence and this is really driven by the fears of the
Middle East situation. Given the opportunity, most people would like the chance
to try something new. There has been such a slowdown in the employment market
which means candidates have been limited in terms of choice.

therefore feel that an opportunity to move to a new sector could provide an
impetus to their career and a chance to work in a market that is perhaps less
volatile than the one in which they currently work.”

By Quentin Reade

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