UBS Warburg invests in work-life nanny service

Investment bank UBS Warburg is to pilot a concierge service that will
organise anything from cat sitting to social events to help employees balance
work and home lives.

It is one of a number of initiatives the company has adopted in a bid to recruit
and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Managing director of HR Sandy Campbell said the service, which has been
launched as a pilot scheme, will be available via the Internet or phone so
staff can choose nannies, organise holidays or simply ensure someone is at home
if their washing machine needs to be serviced.

Campbell said, "Our concern is the war for talent – it is about meeting
the expectations of work of young people which are very different from those of
the baby boomers who run these companies. We have to respect that and modify
the way we work to make this an attractive place for them."

The company, which has 6,000 staff in London, is also running two remote
working experiments to allow employees to work from home where possible.

It also has a women’s network which is a forum set up by senior female
employees to allow them to exchange information and ideas.

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