UK ‘fat cats’ hog Christmas bonuses

than three-quarters of UK employers operate Christmas bonus schemes, but ‘fat
cat’ managers are still the most likely to benefit, according to the Work

study, based on responses from 365 HR specialists, shows that 77 per cent of
British employers have a bonus scheme, but only half that number use them
across the entire workforce.

show that senior managers are most likely to be offered a scheme and awarded a
higher proportion of earnings as bonuses.

also appear to be offered bonuses for different reasons, with annual payments
used more for loyalty and strategic reward, while quarterly, monthly or even
weekly schemes are designed to achieve set objectives.

Bevan, director of research at the Work Foundation, said there was a growing
equality, but senior management was still treated differently.

‘fat cats’ are still getting fatter," he said.

By Michael Millar

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