UK has shortest holidays and longest working hours in Europe

UK has the shortest holidays and the longest working hours in Europe, research

study by Manpower shows that in the UK workers put in on average 43.6 hours a
week and one in ten UK workers spends 61 hours a week or more at work compared to
a European average working week of 40 hours.

and Swedish staff work 40.1 hours, people in France work on average 39.6 hours,
Italians 38.5 hours and the Spanish 40.6 hours.

research also finds that UK employees typically receive only 20 days holiday
whereas staff in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy enjoy
annual breaks of between 33 and 36 days. Workers in Austria, which has one of
Europe’s highest rates of gross domestic product per working population,
benefit from 38 days annual holiday.

Ben Willmott


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