UK looking for European shift over agency workers

UK employer bodies are lobbying their counterparts in Europe ahead of a
crucial meeting on 6 March of the European Council of Ministers on the draft
Agency Workers Directive.

As drafted, the directive, will mean that temporary workers will have the
right to the same pay as permanent staff after six weeks in employment.

Once the directive has been in place for five years, agency staff will have
to receive the same pay as their permanent counterparts from day one of

The Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) and the Recruitment &
Employment Confederation (REC) are trying to gather support in Europe to have
the qualification period extended from six weeks to one year.

David Yeandle, head of employment policy for the EEF, said he is optimistic
the Danes and the Germans could support the UK’s position ahead of the meeting
of the Council of Ministers’ employment council.

Gareth Osborne, Chief executive at the REC, said: "We have a crucial
role to play in lobbying on the Agency Workers Directive."

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