UK on verge of e-HR explosion

Nearly a third of businesses rank online HR (e-HR) as their number one
e-business initiative.

A survey of 500 UK firms found that while only 13 per cent have implemented
an e-HR system, 40 per cent believe new technologies could help their business.

The survey, by Microsoft Great Plains, reveals only 62 per cent of companies
have a formal HR strategy.

Nearly a third of respondents cite the impact on line managers’ time as the
main barrier to introducing e-HR technologies.

The second most important consideration in introducing e-HR, highlighted by
27 per cent, is the need to train line managers in their new responsibilities.

Adrian Hobbs, UK managing director at Microsoft Great Plains, said the
research shows e-HR is moving up the agenda as firms start to see its

"The findings point to the UK being on the verge of an e-HR explosion,
but that business change is still critical," he said.

David McCammon, head of HR at KLM UK, believes the study shows employers are
increasingly aware e-HR can add bottom-line value.

"Real benefits are being seen by UK companies as HR takes advantage of
the Internet. It is no longer seen as a company add-on, but increasingly as the
corporate backbone," he said.

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