UK time-wasting costs employers £3.2bn a week

the internet is the prime time-wasting occupation for British and Irish

a pan-European survey of 8,000 people by, 40 per cent of those
voting in the UK claimed the net is their chief distraction at work.

posed the question "What is your biggest time wasting vice at work?"
and found that the favourite diversion across Europe is "chit-chatting
with colleagues".

to LearnDirect, the e-learning network, the average worker in the UK wastes 2
hours and 45 minutes each day – a cost to employers of £3bn a week. 

Daguerre, head of communications for Monster Europe, said: "We are not
robots and with an ever-growing culture of high stress and long working hours,
employers need to be realistic when it comes to employee productivity."

Europe Monster revealed the following time-wasting trends:

41 per cent (3,359 votes): chit-chatting with colleagues

33 per cent (2,673 votes): surfing the internet

15 per cent (1,216 votes): cigarette breaks

6 per cent (518 votes): online chatting."

5 per cent (437 votes): Personal phone calls

By Michael Millar

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