UK workforce on the move

in three workers are planning to relocate for their job in the next year, a new
poll reveals.

poll of more than 6,000 staff by internet jobsite reveals an
increasing mobile UK workforce. More than half the respondents (51 per cent)
say they now feel more likely to relocate than three years ago, and more than
two-thirds (68 per cent) say they would move away if their job required it.

findings suggest many workers are relocating to improve both their career
progression and their lifestyle. The top motivation for 47 per cent is the
prospect of earning more money elsewhere, while for 22 per cent changing job
location will bring a higher quality of life. Eleven per cent are feeling
homesick, however, and are relocating to be nearer to friends and family. 

just 4 per cent of workers are relocating because their job requires them to do

is the most popular destination, and if they were to relocate, 32 per cent of
UK workers would move to the capital. As one technician from the North West
puts it: "London is still a big dirty city – but that’s where the money

the second biggest wish is to move out of Europe altogether, with a quarter of
workers seeing an international move as one of their top three options.

relocating to London is popular with graduate trainees, it is not so attractive
to top bosses, with the destination of choice for 24 per cent of company
directors being the South West. One director planning to move out of the
capital has decided the "fantastic countryside and good people" of
the South West are more appealing than the City rat-race.

By Quentin Reade

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