UK’s female leaders deplore gender pay gap

gap in pay between men and women must be addressed if the UK is to avoid
chronic skills shortages in the next five years.

survey by Eve-loution, a training and development firm for female leaders,
reveals the majority of UK senior women still do not believe their skills are
recognised in the workforce.

60 per cent of the 234 respondents polled claim that women are not recognised
or promoted on a equal basis to their male colleagues.

out of 10 did not feel adequate, gender-specific training and development is

Four out
of five believe men are uncomfortable around influential women.

results from a government-funded TUC training programme Close the Gap, have
found discrepancies of up to 26 per cent in pay between men and women doing the
same job.

Carr, MD of Eve-olution, said women needed to be able to have a family without
this having an impact on their careers.

research carried out at Manchester University claims women who take time off to
have their family earn 15 per cent less on average when they return to their

Michael Millar

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