Union calls for compulsory pay audits to bridge gender pay gap

GMB union is pushing for compulsory pay audits after its latest research showed
little or no signs of change in pay discrimination across the country.

worst offender is London, with the capital’s average gender pay gap standing at
£200. In the South East and Eastern England it is £145, it’s £120 in the South
West, £115 in the North West, £113 in the West Midlands, £111 in Scotland, £109
in the East Midlands, £91 in Wales and £90 in the North East.

equal rights officer Karen Constantine said: "For too long we have seen
women being paid less purely because they are women. The only way to resolve
the problem is to ensure all employers conduct equal pay audits. There has been
a lack of enthusiasm to do so voluntarily, so compulsion is the way forward."

By Quentin Reade

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