Union condemns calls from some MPs for pay rise to £100,000

Backbench MPs from the major UK political parties are pushing for a huge pay rise that would take their salaries to £100,000 per year.

Several have written to the independent Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) asking for a substatial increase on the current salary of £60,277.

Senior Conservative MP Sir John Butterfill told the Sunday Times: “The main issue is the degree to which MPs’ salaries have fallen behind other public servants’.

“Not that many years ago, we were on a par with GPs and heads of comprehensive schools. They are now on £100,000.”

Union GMB condemned the move, saying it was unfair of MPs to claim a 60% pay rise while trying to impose a 3% cap on public service workers.

The SSRB reviews parliamentary pay every three years. The deadline for written submissions to the 2007 review is Friday, 8 December.

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