Unions join to show Corus chairman the “red card”

representing employees at Corus, the Anglo-Dutch steelmaker, are holding a
European-wide day of protest on 14 April, to show the "red card" to
Sir Brian Moffat, the company’s chairman.

on behalf of the unions, Michael Leahy, chair of the UK National Steel Trade
Union Co-ordinating Committee, said: "Corus workers from across Europe
have decided that enough is enough.

will hold a day of action to demand the resignation of the chairman, Sir Brian
Moffat. He has led the company into crisis and he must go if it is to be turned
around. That is why Corus employees and steel communities will be showing Sir
Brian the red card and want to see him walking towards the tunnel.

will one one of the largest European trade union protests and shows the
determination of the workforce. If Sir Brian won’t listen, then we hope that
the shareholders will see sense and sub him for a better player who will
improve the Corus team’s performance. The employees don’t want to see Corus
relegated to the 2nd division – which is inevitable if Sir Brian remains."

National Trade Union Steel Co-ordinating Committee contains representatives
from the ISTC, Amicus, T&G, GMB and UCATT unions, the unions with
recognition in Corus.

By Quentin Reade

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