Unions launch employment rights campaign

in London have launched a campaign to raise awareness of employment rights and
increase the profile of trade unions in the City of London.

‘Organise the City’, the campaign will see a dozen volunteers give out
thousands of advice leaflets to City workers.

Connolly, regional secretary of SERTUC, the regional TUC for London, the South
East and the East of England, said: "The affluence and supposed
sophistication of the City should enable it to be a ‘respect at work zone’ but
sadly for many it is a ‘grief at work’ zone."

said bullying and harassment, discrimination, stress, excessive working hours,
wrongly-handled redundancies, unequal pay and wrongful deductions from pay are
just some of the problems workers endure.

said many of the employment problems workers suffer in the City are caused by
employers’ ignorance.

the best thing that could happen for businesses and workers alike is for those
employers that are hostile to unions to ‘wise up’ and work closely with unions
and raise standards at work," he said.

By Quentin Reade

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