Unions reveal new role as TV pundits

Last week, the diligent hacks at Personnel Today broke the news that the trade unions would be using the TUC conference to begin an asserted drive to get UK employment law on a par with European rights.

This is all very well and good, but having looked over the TUC conference schedule, Guru notices that they missed the really important stuff.

Among motions about equality, diversity and the state of deep-shaft mining in the UK, comes motion number 63, which reads as follows:

“Congress congratulates the BBC for transporting us back in time by bringing Doctor Who back to our television screens. The popularity of the series demonstrates that there is still an audience for quality, family entertainment, and that distinctive UK television productions can still provide a talking point for the nation.”

If they keep up this sort of heavyweight discussion at least we won’t be transported back in time to a point when people took unions seriously…

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