Unison: cut stress factor

Workplace stress could be eliminated if employers carried out proper risk
assessments, according to public service union Unison.

Last month it wrote to its safety representatives urging them to adhere to
current safeguards.

In several recent cases employees have received six-figure sums in
compensation for mental health problems caused by failure in the duty of care.

The union emphasises the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
1999, which require employers to carry out a risk assessment. Taken with the
HSE guidance Stress at Work, there is a duty to assess all potential hazards,
such as long hours and hefty workloads.

Leading workplace academic Cary Cooper has launched a practical guide on
reducing stress. Written with Stephen Palmer, director of the Centre for Stress
Management and published by the Institute of Personnel and Development, Conquer
Your Stress gives practical tips on time management and physical health.

www.unison.org.uk   www.ipd.co.uk

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