US terror attacks prompted businesses to improve security

employers have improved security and put a greater emphasis on crisis
management in the two years since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

by the US-based Society of Human Resource Management reveals that two-thirds of
employers have beefed-up security arrangements and almost a third have improved
the way they screen prospective staff since the atrocity.

study based on a survey of more than 400 HR professionals also finds that more
than a quarter of employers have increased training in crisis management and a
similar proportion have curtailed business travel.

professionals were asked: ‘In your opinion, what lasting changes, if any, have
taken place in the workplace as a result of the September 11 terrorist

per cent – Organisations have put higher security provisions in place
48 per cent – Higher expectations of employers for security
34 per cent – Employees do not consider travel as glamorous
31 per cent – Greater screening of employees for hire
27 per cent – More training in crisis management
26 per cent – Business travel has been curtailed
24 per cent – Employees are reluctant to travel for business
22 per cent – Workers have been more wary of their work environment
16 per cent – Higher stress levels in the workplace
15 per cent – HR is relied upon more for its expertise and input
13 per cent – Employees are more caring towards one another
12 per cent – Greater use of employee assistance program (EAP)
10 per cent – Business events have been cancelled
10 per cent – No lasting change

survey was based on the responses of 408 randomly selected HR professionals. 

Ben Willmott

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