Use of e-technology sets high performers apart

High-performing companies are more likely to be making full use of
e-technology to cut the amount of time their workforce spends on routine tasks,
new research has revealed.

A study of 540 senior UK business decision-makers by Microsoft and Cranfield
School of Management reveals that top performing organisations are intensive
users of e-administration.

More than 70 per cent use e-technology for staff performance reviews and/or
promotions, 61 per cent for career self-management.

The study, Business-to-employee: Creating the agile workforce, states,
"By reducing the time spent on routine and low-value tasks, such
organisations free employees to leverage their expertise and acquire the
knowledge needed to compete in the future. The high-performing workforce is
empowered to make decisions when and where they need to be made, capitalising
on business opportunities as they arise."

More than 60 per cent of such organisations already support mobile working,
more than half use hot-desking and about half support homeworking. Nearly 86
per cent of top firms provide access to intranet training and 70 per cent to
Internet training.

Neil Holloway, managing director of Microsoft, said, "The latest
advances in information and communication technologies make it possible to
dramatically increase the effectiveness of managers and staff." He added
that this frees up people to be more creative.

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