Using information technology to assess itself

E-learning provider Electric Paper is launching an online interactive
assessment tool to test IT literacy skills.

Net Assess is a fully contained system that needs no other software to run
it. It performs assessment in seven areas of computing: basic concepts of IT;
using the computing and managing files; word processing; spreadsheets;
databases; presentations; and the internet and e-mail.

"Net Assess can be used as a training needs analysis tool enabling the
user to pinpoint areas of strength, as well as weaker areas where IT skill
levels need to be developed. Users can then plan their study programme,
ensuring they are concentrating on topics that need the most work," said
Electric Paper’s Ingrid O’Sullivan. "It can also identify the effectiveness
of training carried out and evaluate return on investment."

The assessments consist of a random selection of questions which the
administrator can vary. If the user needs to be assessed more than once,
different questions can be set. The administrator can also determine the time
allocated for each assessment.

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