Video Arts enters market with tailor-made approach

Video Arts, one of the biggest names in training and experts in blended
learning solutions, has acquired Manchester-based e-learning venture Learning
Pack in a bid to extend its range of products and services into tailor-made
coaching programmes.

"We have been watching the market closely and there is now a much
greater demand for e-learning programmes that are made to fit perfectly with
the needs of individual organisations," said Video Arts managing director,
John Lowe. The new range of from Video Arts will be called Exact Solutions.

Learning Pack developed out of the award-winning Gemisis programme, a £15m
collaborative research and development initiative involving NTL, University of
Salford, ICL and Cities of Manchester and Salford. "As part of this
acquisition, we will also be able to commission specific research projects
through its continuing collaboration with the Gemisis programme," said

Video Arts also commissioned research by NOP into UK organisations’
attitudes to e-learning.  Of those
surveyed, 57 per cent of companies not using e-learning programmes said they
were likely to adopt a tailored package within the next two years.

Findings also reported that a large proportion of organisations use a
combination of tailored and off-the-shelf e-learning programmes. Among the pros
of e-learning were accessibility (42 per cent), flexibility (37 per cent), cost
economies (35 per cent) and consistency (11 per cent).

The disadvantages were loss of interpersonal aspect (33 per cent), cost (20
per cent) and no opportunity to ask advice (16 per cent).

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