Violence at work is real problem for doctors

of all doctors believe violence is a problem in the workplace, according to a
new report by the British Medical Association (BMA).

at work: the experience of UK doctors’ surveyed almost 1,000 doctors and found
that those working in accident and emergency departments and psychiatry were
the most likely to experience patient violence.

study shows that one in three hospital doctors and GPs had experienced some
form of violence in the workplace last year.

main causes of violence were perceived to be related to health or personal
problems, dissatisfaction with service provided or caused by drugs and alcohol.

BMA chairman
James Johnson said: "No-one working in a hospital or GP practice should
have to put up with the threat of physical or verbal abuse.

talking about people who go to work to try to alleviate pain and treat
ill-health," he said. "The fact that they can expect to be punched,
kicked or shouted at cannot be tolerated."

By Michael



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