Vocational engineering courses ‘needs resourcing’

Engineering bodies say
changes to the 14-19
need to be backed up with sufficient teaching resources and objective careers advice.

The Government’s Green Paper, 14-19:
Extending Opportunities, Raising Standards
proposes an extension of
vocational training.

The Engineering Employers Federation
(EEF) and EMTA, an educational charity owned by the engineering industry
have welcomed the changes, but say funding issues need to be addressed.

EEF director-general Martin Temple,
said: "We welcome the Government’s steps to create a more responsive,
coherent and relevant curriculum. But we are concerned the proposals will fall
by the wayside if the issue of how schools can meet the demands of the new
curriculum is not addressed".

He added that teachers will need
help, support and additional training in order to deliver the wider range of
specialisms and cross-curricular activities, especially where they have had
little or no previous experience.

Temple said it will be essential for
schools to work with external organisations, such as work-based training
providers, colleges of Further Education and employers, when teaching
vocational subjects such as engineering.

He said it is also essential that
support and resources be given to ensure students receive objective guidance
and careers advice.

The EEF and EMTA says often
vocational subjects in schools have been promoted as only for the less able,
with brighter pupils being lost to industry.

By Quentin Reade

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