Watch out for lying job applicants

I read your recent recruitment survey results (‘Rethinking Recruitment’, Personnel Today, 9 June) with interest and particularly noted the statistic that 56% of organisations think candidates are more likely to lie and cheat in their attempts to find a job.

This makes perfect sense given the current economic climate and the associated increase in competition for roles – candidates are more likely than ever to apply for any old job rather than their ideal. Organisations need to be more vigilant than ever to ensure that only committed candidates progress through the recruitment process, rather than the blaggers.

Psychometric tools, ‘work simulation’ exercises, and values-based questionnaires all help in the quest to sift out unmotivated and unsuitable candidates. In assessment centres, the filming of candidates ‘in action’, rather than having assessors in the room, also evokes more naturalistic behaviours, which again helps ensure only the candidates who genuinely want to be there succeed.

Get this right, and fewer candidates will jump ship when the upturn comes.

Simon Draycott, director, Mendas

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