We don’t have to be afraid of ‘Generation X’

A survey of more than 100 senior HR directors has questioned the Industrial Society’s theory that bright young achievers are holding companies to ransom.

Although the high achievers in the so-called “Generation X” are difficult to please, once companies have them on board they are highly productive individuals, according to research by payroll and software company Centrefile.

Both agree that companies must change HR practices to accommodate today’s highly skilled workers but Centrefile claims it is wrong to view young staff as having their employers over a barrel (Personnel Today, 25 July).

Kumud Gandhi-Burnett, marketing director for Centrefile’s HR services, said employers should not view these highly empowered individuals as a threat and should use measures such as individually tailored contracts to attract and retain them.

She said, “It all depends on how you look at the situation. A lot of these people are very high achievers and are prepared to work for 50 or 60 hours a week to attain their goals.

“While they are in the firm they are extremely productive and both employer and employee can benefit if a satisfactory agreement is reached.”

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