Web site of the week

corporate globalisation already a major issue, HR directors are likely to find
themselves travelling the world as much as other top company executives over
the next few years. If you are one of them, the Business Travel Net portal is
almost as essential as an international adapter for your laptop. These people
know their business travel, having been on-line since 1996, and the portal
offers links to every travel-related site you could ever need: you’ll find all
the big hotel and accommodation sites and flight, ferry and car hire companies,
along with smaller but equally useful sites. Need to do a quick currency
conversion, for instance? Then the currency section will take you to www.xe.net.  Want to check the electrical power requirements before you leave
for Karachi? Then it’ll guide you to

www.kropla.com.  Wherever business takes you, make sure this bookmark goes too.

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