Web site of the week: ergonomics.org.uk

There is no shortage of books written on the subject of
ergonomics, but if you’re looking for a crash course in the subject, the
Ergonomics Society’s site is a good place to start. The design could be
improved and a few graphics would be a welcome inclusion among the text-heavy
pages, but the essentials are there, plus an invaluable register of
ergonomists, along with a useful guide to their key competencies. The press
release section can be a useful news area in itself and there’s an accessible
report in electronic slide show format by the society’s Murray Sinclair on the
History and Scope of Ergonomics. It might be one of the world’s youngest
sciences at just over 50 years old (its origins are from World War II), but
there is still a lot to it and this site certainly brings it all into focus for
the HR manager.


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