Web site of the week: www.ftdynamo.com

If you need access to high-level management thinking and
analysis for your next board meeting, this is the place. The Pearson Group,
whose web sites to date have been exemplary, has pulled together material from
the best management writers, business schools and consultancies to create a
definitive resource of management wisdom on the Web.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not free – annual subscriptions begin
at $250 and go up to $750 (£160 to £480). But as FTdynamo points out this is an
equivalent cost to a dozen business books, a couple of management reports or
one seminar. So if several departmental colleagues could also make use of this
resource, it shouldn’t be too hard to justify the spend. There is a free,
two-week trial allowing access to every area of the site. When we signed up we
were e-mailed a username and password within 20 minutes. The site also stages
online events and live conferencing. You could also choose to have FTDynamo
customised and installed on your company intranet.

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