web site of the week: www.onlinefavourites.com

How often have you logged on to the Internet at home and gone straight to the Favourites or Bookmarks menu, only to realise that those fantastic, time-saving sites you found on Friday are stored on your computer at work? Fear not – thanks to Tim Ellis you no longer have to suffer such frustration.

Ellis, who runs an IT recruitment company, has come up with the idea of Online Favourites, which lets you store and organise your favourite sites and access them regardless of the machine you’re working on. Once you’ve registered with the site for free, a Java applet (basically a program written in the programming language Java that runs from within your browser) will appear on the page allowing you to upload and store existing favourites, add to them, as well as organise them into folders. It is password protected so only you can access your favourites and there’s also an “Affinity” section with pre-stored sites.

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