web site of the week: www.the-ladder.com

Drowning in graduate CVs – mainly of them untargeted or unsolicited? Well, this site can’t stop young hopefuls mailing you, but it does provide an on-line database of graduate CVs which you can search and to locate the ideal candidate.

The site has “for students” and “for employers” sections which are both accessed via a password assigned when you register. Employers input criteria and the database will provide a list of candidates who have expressed a desire to work in your industry and have the skills you require. You can then access their CVs on-line. There are currently 3,000 CVs held in the database and it’s cleaned every two weeks. It’s not a free service and perhaps our only criticism of the site is that it doesn’t give any idea of how much it will cost until you register – users will need this information upfront.

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