Web takes on a vital role in Army training

One of the military’s highest
ranking female officers is promoting greater use of e-learning by soldiers
following her appointment to a national management training body.

Brigadier Tricia Purves,
director of educational and training services for the Army, said the Internet
can play an essential role in the development of military personnel.

Brigadier Purves said,
"A lot of theory and a lot of written work can be done over the Internet.
It means that someone in Bosnia on a night shift who has down time or someone
in the Falklands where there is not a lot to do off duty can continue their

"You will still
need assessors, mentors and tutors, but you can enrich the whole process."

She has recently
become a member of the National Examining Board for Supervision and Management,
and believes e-learning opportunities will help the Army recruit and keep

NEBS Management
courses enable military personnel to achieve nationally recognised management

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