Website of the weeK:

Psychometric testing, 360 degree surveys, and organisational benchmarking
are a just a few of the balls that an HR professional is expected to keep up in
the air these days. throws a lifeline to those who need help to
perform such functions, whether it’s on an ad hoc, on-demand basis or in a more
formalised way. The brainchild of software engineer Steve Bicknell and
performance consultant (and three times Olympian) Ali Gill, is
a web-based service that offers a set of online tools covering all the major
areas of human performance profiling and reporting. If you’re the type of HR
professional who sees the value in capturing, tracking and analysing data, it’s
likely that you’re going to be making more extensive use of the site, so it’s
probably worth setting up an account. On the other hand, you can simply visit
the site to buy a one-off product with a credit card. For instance, if you need
a style profile for assertiveness at short notice, you can buy one on-the-spot
for £15 – a bargain.

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