Website of the week:

Free online information resources have been one of the best things about the
web for many of us too busy to idle the time away surfing. UK Recruiter is a
good example of the breed and is aimed at both corporate and agency recruiters.

Its most useful feature is a listing of all UK job boards (well, all that
they could find, which is enough for most of us), along with a brief
description on what they do or specialise in, plus a direct link to them. It
also features a table of UK CV databases.

Where available, it also gives the usage costs of these. Other features
include a directory of companies that provide products and services to the
recruitment industry, along with a link to their site, and recruiters can sign
up to a fortnightly newsletter for free. So who’s behind it? A company called
New Media in Business, which also runs internet training courses. It makes its
money by selling these and advertising space on the site and in the newsletter.
And while the orange type is a bit garish, and the screen font size could be
bigger, overall it has done a pretty good job here.

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