What are the big issues HR will face in the next 12 months?

Sue Robinson director, employee tax, accountancy KPMG

“Retention will be a big issue. Business is picking up and people are focusing on recruitment and forgetting about existing staff. Employers need to look at their incentive packages, and not just offer cash and a car.”

Graham O’Connell consultant, Cabinet Office Centre for Management and Policy Studies

“The public sector is increasingly moving towards HR. Better technology will not replace staff, but create better processes. More advice will come from call centres and there will be more shared services to save costs.”

Hilary Larter partner, law firm Beachcroft Wansbroughs

“Many people are not prepared for the information and consultation directive. People have ducked the agenda. They need to consult. If they don’t, the default provisions in the regulations will be used.”

Sean Howard, sales director, assessment provider SHL

“Absenteeism and retention are the key issues for the year ahead. The first step organisations must take is seeing what the problem is. There is a shortage of skilled staff, so being able to keep them is more important than ever.”

Tony Pryce, manager of investment, National Association of Pension Funds

“HR needs to ensure that employees are well informed about the benefits of pensions. Many do not understand the ramifications of pensions and don’t bother contributing, which is basically giving up free money.” HR must also get the right financial advisers and make sure staff are able to make informed decisions.”

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