What questions should we be asking on employee motivation?

Employers who want to motivate their staff should address the following issues.

1 Do you have a solid procedure for distinguishing between equally competent candidates at the shortlist stage?

2 Do you know what percentage of people leave the company because they have found that the job is not right for them and what this is costing the business?


3 Are you satisfied that you can find out exactly why competent people are not performing as expected?

Do you take into account the strength of individuals’ preferences for working alone versus gaining team support from colleagues?


5 Do you use psychometric data collated at the recruitment stage to underpin development and talent management decisions?

6 Do you have a way of objectively assessing which of your technical specialists are also motivated to manage staff?


7 Do you have a mechanism for predicting which individuals will be motivated and engaged by rapid change and restructure versus those that will be de-motivated and disengaged?

8 Can you translate motivation and engagement figures in to productivity gains or cost savings?

Talent, career and succession management

9 Do you have an objective way of categorising the motivational characteristics of different jobs?

10 Are you confident that all of your employees who have broad ranging responsibilities are comfortable dealing with uncertainty and unpredictable situations?

11 Are you able to judge the extent to which individuals will be comfortable in a high profile role?

12 Are you confident that you are adequately managing slow starters whose potential may be misjudged?

13 Can you spot high-flyer potential from a motivational point of view?

14 Can you accurately pinpoint staff that have entrepreneurial flair?

15 Can you articulate the business case for measuring intrinsic motivation?

Source: Getfeedback

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