Where is your lighthouse?

Lighthousebook_85x130.jpgTitle: Where is your lighthouse?
Authors: Jorg W Knoblauch, Johannes Huger, Marcus Mockler
Publisher: Cyan/Campus Books
Pages: 254
Price: 9.99
ISBN: 1-904879-10-1
Reviewed by Karen Boanas, business consultant at insurance company Canada Life

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This well-written book gives readers the chance to escape the stressful treadmill of everyday life and embark on a journey of discovery into the most fascinating thing in the world: yourself.

Suggesting a three-step formula called PRO (discover your Potential, Re-orient your life and implement Offensively), this book gives you the opportunity to discover your true abilities and uniqueness, develop new habits and ways of thinking, and ultimately build a master plan towards clearly defined goals.

Interesting in its approach, the book has been put together by three experienced European management consultants and coaches based on their encounters with numerous people through one-to-one coaching and seminars.

The book will make a refreshing read for people who want to look at their life and use a structured method to build on their experience, while setting in motion positive plans for the future. With numerous references to the workplace, this book makes particularly good reading for business people who can use it to focus on their professional and private lives.

Useful? five stars
Well-written? four stars
Practical? five stars
Inspirational? four stars
Value for money? five stars

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